Sunday, November 12, 2006

Private thoughts

This blog was set up as a way for me to engage in some other form of dialogue about my work and to try to bridge the gap between this place of digital and the out thereness of making things artwork in the world. What it has done to some extent is to reconcile another area of practice with this, it has become as personal as the sketchbook.

what this blogs main focus has been so far is failure, failure of myself to reconcile these things to be distracted by all the other things in here to do and my continued failure to make work which really impresses me. Maybe I have just got harder on myself about it than I used to be but this cant be a bad thing.

what I have been grappling with and what is the main focus of my note making is what is the nature of art in itself and how things like concerns exist and in what form these concerns can manifest them selves, how they are then evaluated and some how prescribed a status. I really should try to use simpler English more often.

I don't think this is the only focus my notebooks, notebooks have been a key element in my art making practice since the beginning of my BA nearly 10 years ago now. And in those early days they were much more about me using them as a way to locate myself track my behavior and thoughts to understand really what it was that I am. Now some of the biggest questions I ask in these books are are (were) these books simply ways to make myself better and whether any of these things I found out (revelations) have much artistic merit in themselves?

Hey folks this sure sounds like sex and the city to me.

i guess something i have always wanted to put down somewere is all that i have learnt and discovered since making art if I don't make any more great art I don't mind, I do really like doing it and think there are things to be done more to be learnt, but maybe I just just don't have a niece. Or maybe I just don't have the talent fantastic. Once you leave art school you really need that semi continual boost to your ego that is some external source justify your art making.

I had a good day in the studio today completed or at least made a non light light box totem piece which I think is called end of things and did some more work on a painting which is the second of a series trying to make the painting as object like as possible and the object painted as false or false in a pictorial sense. A play between the two.

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