Wednesday, November 26, 2008

standing up

Speaking to someone recently they asked that annoying question of 'what art do you like?'

being slightly inebriated I came up with this

The inventiveness of modernism
The investigations of Conceptualism
The boldness of the New York school

I was quite pleased, sounds like a good recipe.

How ones ability to make art manifests itself is a source of frustration and interest for all those involved in the practice of making. This year having worked full-time for most of the year in an arts based environment, has allowed me to think about work whilst not actually spending as much time constructing. What I have found is a consolidation of my practice and a surfacing of ideas into concreate things that i can focus on.

A confidence and belief in what it is i am doing. This kind of reflection on the work through allowing it to exist without the need for a constant revolution of the work, can and may seem contradictory to my usual desire for the new experience within the work. But one thing I remember one of BA tutors saying is that Art in its very nature is a contradictory thing.

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