Thursday, September 09, 2010

Archival Material

On a recent trip to my past, I uncovered some abstract work I made long before I ever passed through the hallowed doors of any art school, Circa 1995.

It would appear that things have gone full circle. I find these works encouraging in relationship to the trajectory I have been taking over the last few years.

Untitled as yet (UNIT 2) 14, 15 | 2010, 30x40 cms

Untitled as yet (UNIT 2) 36, 37 | 2010, 30x40 cms

These works come out of a desire to continue a system of sequential production started with the first UNIT series using limited elements and set rules. Using materials (spray paint and marker pen) that have another nostalgia even further back in my past graffiti. I have recently been having a 'reunion' with the graffiti artists of my youth online.

Graffiti Circa 85-90

This could all been seen as a bit of navel gazing nostalgia, but it is really useful to see where I came from and how and why I ended up making art. I spent a few years wandering in the wilderness and discovered Art was the only thing I could do that wasn't compromised (not so sure how I feel about that idea now though.) Is art really a form of none alienated labour?

Untitled as yet (overspill) | 2010 20x30 cms

Attempting to open up all avenues and to operate with all of ones experiences must be a worthy thing to attempt.

Obligatory most recent studio shot (18.08.2010)

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