Saturday, March 17, 2007


So the project of NON (end of things) has been leading towards a debate connection to theory, what is this 'end of things' that is talked about? If I look at the theorists who talk of this Alexandre Kojève's 'end of history' or Jacques Derrida. Is it that they are saying that the possibilities are becoming limited because to some extent we have made it, this is the best we can get, there is no further room for improvement in the social structure of society, we are indeed the end of things.

How might this be translated into or relevant to artistic practice and mine specifically? It gives and makes me re-access what is the value of the work how should it be looked at by this I am thinking of what is the art in it that people will see as the art? And the differences of production (production values) how the use of materials can lead the viewer into there relationship with the object. If it is well made and beautifully produced how this can become the value that is most easily encountered in the work, were as when this is not the case some other reading is required. Making something badly or with your eye less on the finish rather than aesthetic quality leads to another set of value judgements. The work may still be of a simple formal qualative type but these qualities can jut up against the very nature of a formal arrangement to antagonise the viewer into the need to speculate about the conditions for existence of such a work.

To tie this back to derrida there is something of the 'deconstruction' of what is the art work, I know this has been done through out the 60's and onwards, but it seems a vital part of now (or my now). A need to constantly access what it is that gives these things the qualities they have and how to judge if these qualities are valuable as art. Why is it deconstructing well mainly just because it feels like that. Much as the theorists are running out of room for creating overarching theories (ideologies) we the artist have run out of materials of newness that have not been used before. there isn’t a great bold step into the unknown it is a simple thing of spending more time with the things you know and checking them out!

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