Monday, May 14, 2007


A search for meaning ends at the point a symbol takes on its meaning, the construction of signs from abstract forms. What is it about this point that holds such interest? Where abstraction ends and ideas start where symbols have been created to be recognised and have a shared meaning. The point between the unknown and known.

To search into the unknown one must have some kind of guide.

Using this as a starting point for a way to use shapes to create some sense of there own properties. What fascinates me with these Mandela symbols is there use of geometry to try to describe the world around them.

So taking this as a starting point using each drawing as a 'quest' to find something about the place position of when where abstraction and symbols meet. Searching for this point.

This series of works start from this serious point of engagement and is guided in its sensibility by some kind of attempt to relate a geometric logic to the work. Whilst trying to find a point of meaning for the viewer. This impossible quagmire is the very point that I am interested in and keeping these three elements active within the work is the goal.

An attempt to reach/create a symbol

Geometry as a method for investigating the nature of existence

Abstraction as a specific art historical project

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