Friday, October 05, 2007

all eyes

Now as we move on the method of communication becomes, as Philip would say doubles all the rules are at sea. What is said is not straight and true but the flow of such information creates what is formed, the focal point is all over and it is engaged.

The interest is multilayered but precise and fragile to the over prescription I am liable to do. To begin to open up expand these areas we must ask why they are interesting or what is it we should be interested in? It is sure and arcing. The visual as a method of communication and identification(flags).

The Larger the area an artist likes to define the stranger there progress through it will be, art is commercilised art has always been commercilsed for sure look at old photos of famous artists. What can be gained is a way to adapt experience to offer the ability to learn.

So how do i describe this , most things are locked up tighter than an acorn.

what is it to show a supplement to the work an idea germinated at art school of a parrellel description of work.

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